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Go Birding in Uganda

Shoebill Watching in Uganda

Lately Uganda has been a priority for many birding tourists who look out for great birding destination in Africa. The country offers over 1000 recorded bird species in a particular area and when it comes to its green savannah forests you can never take your eyes off the tree canopy since variety can be spotted as well as the soft melody music of birds which follow you in every corner all day. The surprising moment is when different bird species comes to say hello and even accept to share breakfast with you. Their beauty can make you switch to photography instead of having breakfast a daily incident at Mweya safari lodge in Queen Elizabeth.

Dedicated Birding tours through Uganda usually catch up a wide number of bird species for a duration of 1-2 weeks yet the birders passion can be seeing less compared to the outcome. Since Uganda’s main attraction are the forests, lakes, Rivers, islands and wetlands at the same time the main bird homes, the country has more than enough bird species for birding watching even if you chose to watch birds for a whole year. The most visited Uganda birding sites include Semuliki National park for Congo basin endemics, Mabamba swamp for shoebill, Bwindi National park for Albertine Rift endemics, Queen Elizabeth National park for a peerless check list 600 species, Bigodi wetland near kibale forest for great blue Turaco and other forest birds, Murchison falls national park for savannah species-hornbill, red throated bee eater, lake Busina for fox weavers, papyrus gonolek & shoebill, Mabira forest and others. You don’t need a binocular to watch birds in Uganda but your eyes, brain and ears make it happen since birds can be seen anywhere any time and it’s amazing to watch them fly or make stops in just a few metres. Bird watching can be enjoyed by any one at any time including those who know nothing about birds.

Besides some people spare seconds to admire beautiful bird species during their other adventures like Gorilla tracking, Chimpanzee trekking, Wildlife viewing, boat cruise and many others which are held in different birding sites. Some Birds can be easily identified compared to others and can even be differentiated by color size and general appearance.

With birding you can even get great special moment with family by taking an amazing walk in the forest where you meet other forest habitants not only birds, shake the tree leaves like birds, run or jump in areas permitted, relax in silence as you listen to birds singing from the trees and also enjoy nice photo captions of both the forest flora & fauna plus the birds hence brightening your moods and adventure.Its good to love nature and explore its beauty in-depth in the pearl of Africa a country you will never visit once.


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