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Best Places Where to See Lions in Uganda

Tree Lion in Ishasha

Planning for a Uganda Safari Holiday can be interesting and a bit challenging if not handled with care and selecting the best things to see on the safari holiday. Uganda being among the top destination for watching the lions on ground and the tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park.
A Uganda Wildlife Safari can be tailored to reward you with the chance of Spotting the Lions during game drive or Lion Experiential watching that is always the 4 Hours staying with the lions and learning about their way of Life , its only possible in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Drive through Game Reserves and National parks of Uganda to View the tree climbing lions and Ground Lions during the wildlife safari adventure tour in Africa. During the Game drives the driver/guide  drives  closer than you ever imagined to majestic birds and animals .Find the complete Guide of Lion Watching & Viewing National Parks in Uganda once on a Wildlife Safari Holiday.

Kidepo National Park

Situated along the Sudanese and Kenyan border in the far distant north Eastern part of Uganda, Kidepo National Park is regarded as one of the world’s best wildernesses due to the fact that whoever goes there will feel like they are home and own the entire park to themselves. The park has a consistently growing population of lions hence being a very prominent place to spot them as well as learn more about their diverse character. If you are on a safari holiday in Uganda, transfer to the magnificent Kidepo National Park to spot the King of the beasts enjoying his habitat through hunting, ruling and nurturing his cubs. There are also tree climbing lions in the park which will add an extra touch/ encounter to your safari.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lions in the vast Queen Elizabeth National Park located in the Albertine Rift Valley in the western part of Uganda close to the beautiful Great Rwenzori Mountains can be found in the northern part of the park around the Kasenyi Plains. Since they are nocturnal animals and early risers, one has to track them in the early mornings. However, you can opt to join the Lion Tracking Research with the Uganda Carnivore Project who leave very early in the morning to track the King of the jungle so as to get to know various traits about him. The process will take 1-3 hours twice a day in groups of very few people so as to protect the lions and not obstruct the work of the researchers. In case you want to track them, this should be booked/ reserved before your arrival and the park should be included in your itinerary. In the southern part of the park is the prominent Ishasha sector which includes the tree climbing lions that will make your safari very exceptional due to the remarkable photos you will take to keep for future generation. Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park for extraordinary Lion encounters in Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park

Strategically located in an ideal place with the magnificent River Nile, Murchison Falls National Park is one of the top destinations in Uganda to spot a pride of lions hunting, leading and nurturing their cubs. These are usually spotted while on Game Drive around the vast beautiful park especially in the early mornings due to the fact that these are early risers. Additionally, this is the one destination where you will have a chance to spot Africa’s Big Five after visiting the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Masindi Town.


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