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Best 4 Places to See Chimpanzees in Uganda

Ngamba Chimpanzee Home

If your plan of chimpanzee trekking doesn’t involve going to the zoo or chimpanzee sanctuary to view then on a visitors platform, check out the best chimpanzee trekking destinations in Uganda and pick the best for your chimpanzee safari. Uganda is one of the best chimpanzee spots in Africa and the only place to find multiple primate species including baboons, monkeys, and gorillas among others. With the fragile habitats across the country, chimpanzees are free to roam and enjoy their natural homes under great conservation and monitoring. Chimps can easily be seen year round though the best time to track chimpanzees is just after the rainy season and during the rainy season. In Uganda April, May and November are the known season months of the year so you can visit chimpanzees in June to September or December-March if your interest is dry months. However, trekking chimpanzees in the rain months is fun and exciting because they move at a slow pase.

Kibale forest National Park

Known as the most populated chimpanzee forest in Africa with more than 13 primate species but chimpanzees are the prime attraction of the forest.A safari that features chimpanzee habituation and trekking in Kibale forest never disappoints all year no matter when you chose to visit. When you experience the close encounter of these first moving primates, you will not necessarily repeat the trek because you meet plenty of primates and return to the lodge with lots of chimpanzee photo captions. This should be simply your first choice destination for Uganda chimpanzee trekking tours since the park contains the loveliest and most varied tracts of tropical forest in Africa interspersed with patches of grassland. Are a bird lover and you searching for a great bird watching destination?,Kibale forest is an extensive National Park that  protects a large block of rain forest and  offers excellent forest bird watching experience I think something you have always searched for.

Kyambura gorge

Queen Elizabeth National Park is rich in scenery and wildlife whether you want game drives, a balloon ride over the savannah plains but also offers a perfect chimpanzee trekking experience in Kyambura gorge. The “Valley of Apes” is located in the far eastern corner of the well- known Queen Elizabeth National Park in south western Uganda filled up with impressive forest landscape. The swarmed rich wildlife bio-diversity that comprises of primates, wild animals as well a bird is a fine chimpanzee trekking place for travelers to Queen Elizabeth National Park or Bwindi Forest National Park. During the trek keep a look out for other primate species, birds which are spotted on the way as you search for awesome chimps. Kyambura gorge is another world on its own and sunshine that offers brightness through the tree canopy makes it’s a very great for chimpanzee trekking and nature walk. However, you can also track Chimpanzees in Kalinzu forest reserve a second chimpanzee trekking ground in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Budongo Forest

The largest forest reserve in Murchison falls that completes a list of the best chimpanzee trekking destinations in Uganda. From baboons, monkeys, to chimpanzees, Budongo forest has amazing primate species and many clear trails that enable travelers to observe them. Besides the forest is sited within Murchison falls Uganda’s famous large wildlife park and a home to most impressive falls in Africa. Tourists to this forest enjoy wildlife viewing, a visit to the top of the fall and also a boat cruise on the Murchison falls. My top tourist adventure is the encounter of chimpanzees in their nature home a mixture of trees and grass vegetation. Budongo forest reserve is situated in the North-western part of Uganda and its just 3 hours drive from Kampala via Masindi District.


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