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10 Things to Do in Kampala


Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. There are lots of things to do while on a holiday in Kampala.

Visit the Kasubi Tombs

While in Kampala, visit the Kasubi Tombs to learn a little about recent traditional cultural history of Buganda Kingdom. You will learn about the various practices and rituals of the Buganda and a visit gives a fascinating insight into some of Uganda’s traditional ways of life. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site and the burial grounds of four Ugandan kings and royal family. Originally, it was built in 1882 as the palace of Kabaka Mutesa I and converted to his tomb following his death, the site was then the burial place of the three following kings.

The site gives a look at Buganda culture, and not only the care they took over their royalty, but other culturally important artifacts, such as the Buganda drums used to communicate important events over long distances. A fireplace is in the middle of the area where the fire is kept lit to warm the kings spirits.

Visit the Ndere Centre

The Ndere Centre is a highly recommended attraction to visit while in Kampala and experience the country’s traditional dance and music. A few days of the week, you can enjoy a dinner and theater performance at the center to see a high energy show of Ugandan culture. The dances are from a variety of Uganda’s different tribes and the show takes place in a 700-seat amphitheater on Sundays at 6pm, Wednesday at 7pm and Fridays from 7pm.

The Troupe is built on 9 acres of well- maintained green, beautiful flowered walk ways and shaded by fruit and other African trees. This rare architecture is a combination of artistic creativity with simplicity that takes African forms, materials, colours and construction to unprecedented heights. The Centre is highly recommended as a form of an attraction towards guests so as to experience the country’s traditional dance and music. You can enjoy a local dinner and theater performances at the center to see a high energy show of Ugandan culture. The dances are from different tribes of Uganda.

It is a repeated theme across sub-Saharan Africa where information was not written down as language didn’t exist in written form, instead the information was passed between generations through performances, such as dance, storytelling, poetry, and music. The Ndere Troupe are a definite must-see attraction in Uganda and the award-winning performers have been practicing their art for nearly 26 years spreading the fascinating and enjoyable performances.

Visiting The Mother Temple (Bahai Temple)

The Baha’i Temple that is located on the Kikaya Hill 7 kilometers from the city center along Kampala Gayaza road. It is the only Bahai Temple found in Africa. The 52-acre site includes extensive gardens that attract people from far and wide. Usually it opens daily between 9:00am morning to 5:30pm in the evening with a Sunday service at 10:30am. The Temple has owed and amazed many visitors not only because of its architectural design but also the beautiful natural environment in which it majestically stands.

The beautiful grounds offer a wide range of photographic opportunities although one is asked to respect the temple interior and not to take photos within. While the grounds have various spots to sit, relax and meditate.

Craft Village On Buganda Road

A craft village is located along Buganda Road, 1 kilometer away from Buganda road Primary school. This is one of the better places in Kampala to buy colorful cloths such as kitenge, sculptures, paintings and other souvenirs to take back home as soon as you depart from Uganda. The village is enclosed and safe to browse around, but it is advisable to keep your bag safely. Many items that symbolize different cultures and items that define Uganda at large are on display. Among these may include; the clay pot, sandals, various drums, flutes or milk carriers. It is impossible and difficult to know exactly what will catch your mind not until you actually go there.

Mare stories from friends about the shop will not satisfy you unless you visit the place in person and feel the satisfaction.


Spending the day relaxing by a pool is one of the favorite pastimes of the people who know Kampala and with its prime spot on the equator and ever increasing number of fancy hotels Kampala has good weather and pools on offer. These places generally are highly loaded on weekends so if you are planning to go swimming in a day make sure to get their early to claim the prime lounger spots. There are a number of swimming places that Kampala has for example Speke Resort Munyonyo, Sheraton Hotel, Kabira Country club to mention but a few. In other words, there is no need for you to travel to Ugandan beaches which are located in Entebbe in order to have a relaxation when Kampala is surrounded with Hotels accompanied with swimming pools.

Visit the Uganda Museum

This is located at plot 54 Kiira road. The Uganda Museum is the largest collection of ethnographic materials in the whole of Africa. A tour of Uganda Museum on your Kampala city tour will help you get expose to other departments like The Natural History of Uganda, Ethnography, Musicology, and archeology and stone age sites in Uganda. It requires three hours for someone to tour this place. It’s one of the sites that should be included on someone’s wish list while planning a Kampala city tour. If you are interested in tracing its history, there is a trail starting from Old Kampala where the first Museum was established before moving it to Makerere University and then to its current location just before Uganda Wildlife Authority offices along Kiira road.

Outside the Museum is the Living museum (Cultural village) that exhibits the ways of lives of Ugandans as it represents the whole of Uganda.

Visiting the 3 Religious places

The early explorers and missionaries settled in Uganda to share and spread their beliefs. Both Roman Catholics and Protestants (Anglicans) were welcomed by the Kabaka and given land for settlement to establish ‘headquarters’ for their beliefs. Namirembe Cathedral is Anglican and Rubaga Cathedral is Catholic. These are the oldest cathedrals in Uganda with great views over Kampala.

More so, there is the Gadhafi Mosque. This is the national mosque in Uganda and it was built with support from the late Libyan leader, Muammar Gadhafi. It has a rich history with its location on the original colonial capital and one of the original ‘seven hills’ of Kampala. Climb up the many steps of the mosque to see Kampala through a bird’s eye view.


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