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Hiking the Rwenzori Mountains

Mount Rwenzori

Trekking in Africa on the Equator takes you to a unique up close personal experience full of spectacle views and wildlife. On a safari in Uganda it’s fun to discover the best treks in Africa in Mountain Rwenzori the wettest place in Africa where curiosity won’t let you sleep. The change to warm clothes/garments is a must to embrace the mountain low temperatures with the hikes seeming tough as you approach the highest hut of Elena at 4500m above sea level.

Only a few lucky people hike the Rwenzori mountain to the peak since the mountain god-(Kitasamba) has rules and regulations which many tourists fail to fulfill-no having sex while on the mountain, don’t complain about rain since it’s an important aspect in the mountain name Rwenzori which means rain and others. Another aspect of health and fitness also limit many travelers from taking on these magnificent hikes to the extent that some just hike for a day. It’s good for one to carry first aid medicine just in case sickness strikes you on the way, food, water, boots, the axe and other necessities are provided by the mountaineering service or the travel expert in charge of your hiking adventure.

Walking across the glacier isn’t easy so you have to be in at least groups of two or three roped together. The mountain porters say that the glaciers are reducing at a shocking rate and are predicted to disappear in 10 years’ time. According to the guest records the number of visitors who hike the mountain is less compared to what they expect and in future some guest won’t be in position to see any glaciers. The peaks are hard to find and spot which makes it more interesting.

Most tourist like visiting the Equatorial snow peaks located just miles north of the equator, the highest of these – Mount Stanley (5,109m), Speke (4,890m) and Baker (4,843m) – all bear permanent snow and glaciers. The snow peaks can be reached by hiking the Central Circuit and Kilembe Trails. Besides you can also enjoy the lovely land formations of the misty, boggy, glacier-carved valleys, lakes, Rubonis among others. You might have reasons to visit Africa but Rwenzori Mountain should be among your priorities for Hiking Lovers.


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